Riverbound is a fantasy comic set in fantasy land, very loosely based on Finnish mythology. The comic deals with such things as fucking shit up and possibly how to survive fuck-ups.

If I had to pin a genre on it, I’d say it’s a fantasy adventure.

It’s all very symbolic, of course.

(That might be a lie)

About the author

Who is this mysterious rambling fool, you might find yourself asking. Well, the truth is, we just don’t know. This comic just spontaneously occurs on its own. No-one knows how it happens, but it just does. I definitely have no idea.

Somehow this has turned out to be the least useful About-page possibly in the history of webcomics. I’m sorry. I’ll try and shape this up.

(Saying that basically guarantees this’ll be up here like ten years late still)

Anyway, I, that is the mysterious author, also used to work on this webcomic called Light Romantic, so I guess you might know me from that. You can also find me over at twiiter, twiiting about stuff and things.